About me

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Maggie.

I have studied economics and politics at undergraduate and postgraduate level and I have now completed my GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law, occasionally referred to as a law conversion course).

I have worked with several Higher Eductation institutions providing support to students on a variety of topics that affect their lives, with a strong emphasis on immigration. I am interested in ensuring that all my clients recieve a fair and transparent service and that decisions are taken with their best interests at heart, whilst also being compliant with the current legislation.

I have a keen interest in civil liberties and human rights, in particular freedom of conscience, expression, and religion. I am also interested in how these freedoms are enabled or restricted by media and social media and what that means for society and what challenges they present to legislators.

I hope that my experience with politics and policy, advocacy, and media, serves to testify for my love of research and communications. I thrive on a challenge and enjoy dedicating myself to projects at work and privately. As you will certainly notice I enjoy keeping myself busy.


Current Roles Senior Caseworker University of Essex Students' Union Advice Centre and Law Clinic
Assistant Manager Essex Law Clinic
Freelance Designer

(see previous employment).


Education GDL Student BPP Law School

(see previous studies).

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