On May 22 I was denied my vote in the European elections. Many others are in this position.

If you have had a "G" marked against your, or know someone who has, please direct them to the following:

Facebook page

Denied the Vote - #VoteDenied website

We use the hashtag #VoteDenied to identify our issues, and we are looking for more stories and persons affected to join us to fight against disenfranchisement. Please join us using the links above, or send me an email.


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Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

This is a small side-project of mine that became sidelined when I realised that there were a few other 'competing' epxlorations in the same vein. Colchester seems to be covered in trolleys between the local supermarkets and the University. Although they are, admittedly, expensive and awkward forms of pollution and waste there can also be times in which these lonely looking 'creatures' look expressive and poetic. Abandoned Shopping Trolleys invites people to contribute and interpret and share impressions of these modern tableaus.

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys (blog)

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys (Facebook)

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys (Twitter)

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